Arrow in New Jersey Deer’s Head Sparks Support for Ban on Bow Hunting

My name is Doe A. Deer. I am very upset that my deer cousin in Rockaway Township New Jersey was recently found with an arrow in her head. The photo of my deer cousin in New Jersey with an arrow in her face is so upsetting but I had to see it up close, in person. I was sobbing so hard when I saw my deer cousin with the arrow in her face. Feeling helpless, I could not pull the arrow out of my deer cousin’s face. I told her to hang on for her life. We both knew that she was going to die a slow, cruel death from this arrow in her face if someone did not soon come to my deer cousin’s rescue. My deer cousin did her best to be brave. She asked me why they shot an arrow into her deer face? I had no answers as to why some humans like to bowhunt, shoot arrows into deer.

Together, we prayed that someone would help my deer cousin and pull this arrow out of her deer face.  Thankfully, our prayers were answered when a nice human called for help. Some humans came and removed this arrow from her deer face. She was in great pain, but able to run with me off into the woods, to freedom, at least for now. But who knows for how long she and I will be safe? How long will we survive this bow hunting season in New Jersey?

Although my deer cousin is now recovering after having this arrow in her face, my deer cousin now has emotional scars. My deer cousin is now fearful and mistrusting of all humans. She cannot understand why someone would shoot an arrow into her deer head. Please help me reassure my deer cousin that all humans are not evil and that many humans do love and coexist in peace with deer.

Please support my campaign to outlaw bow hunting in urban areas. Here’s how:

* Get my campaign buttons, stickers, shirts and more at

* Take and share the pledge to follow the Deer CODE to coexist peacefully with deer, including never harming deer, never allowing deer hunting on your property.

* Share my new blog (Save Doe A Deer) and like my new Facebook page (Save Doe A Deer) to help spread the word about my mission to save all urban deer.



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