My Quest to Stop Deer Hunting

The first time I ever heard that some humans hate deer was a few years ago when I lived in Town & Country, MO. That is where I was born and raised from a fawn by my mom, whose mom also raised her in Town & Country, MO. In fact, my entire deer family had lived in Town & Country, MO for many generations. Town & Country’s rolling green hills, vast woods, wide open spaces gave us deer the best life for many years. Over time, things began to change. More humans moved in to Town & Country, where they built more roads, homes, businesses right through our open fields, rolling hills and woods. But the humans seemed to understand that this was also our home, which we shared in peace. My favorite human was a dear older lady with white hair, named Mariette. She and I shared a deep bond. Every morning, she came to see me out in my open field where we watched the sunrise together. I could tell that she was my friend, not just by her sweet voice, but also by her gentle presence. We deer can do that you know. We can sense when humans are our friends or our enemies. That is why I never ran away from Mariette.

One day, a few years ago, in 2010, Mariette came to me with very bad news that her elected officials had decided to kill a lot of deer in Town & Country, MO. They said it was needed to reduce the deer population. Weeping, she said the deer were here first and she promised me that she would not tolerate such cruelty and would not allow those terrible people to kill me, my deer family and friends. True to her word, Mariette then went on a crusade to save us deer. No fears, totally confident, she began speaking at Town & Country Board of Aldermen meetings and to the local media about her quest to save the deer. She got lots of human supporters who joined her quest. A Town & Country poll even showed that most residents opposed the idea of killing the local deer to control the deer population.

Nevertheless, Town & Country officials moved forward with their deer killing plans. They used taxpayer money to hire a professional sharpshooter, named Tony. Mariette and other human deer friends were so upset they could not even sleep at night. They vowed to protect us deer by not allowing deer killing on their properties. They promised to let us know when Tony and his gang were coming after us deer.

But little did Mariette know that her city officials planned to send Tony to kill the deer at a secret time and place. One night, when we were unprepared, Tony and his gang appeared in our open field and began firing at us, bullets flying everywhere. Suddenly, I saw my deer sister go down, her face covered in blood. I ran to her.

“Please, deer sister, please don’t die,” I cried. “I love you. I need you.”

Struggling to speak, blood streaming down her cheeks, my sister looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“Why did they shoot me?” she asked. “Why do they hate us? Why do they want to kill us? What have we done wrong?”

I told her to save her strength and to try not to speak. I told her I would run and get help from Mariette.

“No, don’t get help for me,” my sister replied. “It is too late to save me. You must save yourself. Run now. Run, run, run and don’t look back. You must live, carry on our family name for the both of us.”

Then, my deer sister’s eyes closed.

“No, no, sister, you can’t die,” I cried. “I love you.”

But it was too late. My deer sister was gone, forever.

“If you can hear me dear sister, I know you are now in a better place, a place of peace,” I whispered to her lifeless body. “I vow to carry on your name with my mission, my quest to stop these hateful human deer killers. I will campaign for peace. I will devote the rest of my life to my mission of saving deer.”

Since that day, I have been on a quest to save the deer from the suburban jungle where more and more city officials are taking lethal aim at deer. I hope you will join me in my mission to save the peaceful deer. I cannot do this alone and I need your help. Together we can change the world and make it a better place.


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