Hi. My name is Doe A. Deer. I started this blog because I can not simply stand by and watch some humans continue to take lethal aim at my deer friends and family who are increasingly struggling to survive in the suburban jungle. Our natural habitats, our open fields, our woods, are disappearing at alarming rates as more humans move in and construct buildings and roads. We are happy to coexist peacefully with our new neighbors, but sadly, some humans refuse to reciprocate. Many elected officials are paid big bucks by the wealthy and lucrative deer hunting industry to support new laws that allow lethal deer management methods, including sharpshooting and bow hunting.

I am now on a crusade, trying to stop these lethal laws, trying to save my deer family and friends from becoming the next victims in the suburban jungle. That is why I am running for public office on a platform of peaceful coexistence with deer. I am visiting towns and cities that support lethal deer management methods and trying to convince them to use non-lethal deer management methods, like fencing and fertility control, to coexist peacefully with my deer family and friends.

I cannot succeed without your help. Here’s how you can help:

* You can support my campaign and get my political buttons, bumper stickers and more – here

* You can sign my petitions to stop lethal deer management (petition links will appear with my current posts)

* You can take and share the pledge to live by my CODE (Commandments of Deer Ethics) – here

* You can share my deer photos and videos – here

* You can share resources and successful examples of non-lethal deer management methods – here

* You can share my Blog and Facebook page

Every bit of support helps to spread my vital message that humans must coexist peacefully with deer who were here first. Together we can change the world and make it a better place for deer and humans.


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