Take the Pledge to Follow my Deer CODE (Commandments of Deer Ethics):

1)      Mother Nature, who reigns supreme, protects, nurtures and frees us

2)      Thou shalt not destroy Mother Nature – Thou shalt cherish and nurture her free gifts

3)     Deer, like humans, have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

4)      Remember the Deer Holy Day (7th day = Saturday) and keep it holy by cherishing deer every Saturday

5)      Honor thy father and mother

6)      Thou shalt not commit murder – thou shalt not kill deer for ANY reason

7)      Do Unto Deer – Thou shalt treat deer as you would want deer to treat you (including honesty and kindess)

8)      Thou shalt not steal – Thou shalt share the land with deer and humans

9)      Thou shalt not wage war against our neighbors – Thou shalt coexist in peace with deer

10)   Thou shalt embrace diversity and accept other species, like deer, as your friends

If you follow the Deer CODE (10 Commandments of Deer Ethics), you will unlock the key to inner peace and you will receive blessings of happiness, good health, fortune and luck.

(Alternatively, violators of the Deer CODE will face sadness, sickness and other misfortunes because they will be living under the curse of Mother Nature).

So follow and SHARE this Deer CODE with others. If you SHARE the Deer CODE with at least five other people, you will increase your daily and lifelong blessings.


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