Deer Resources

Deer hunting and lethal deer management advocates claim they have the duty to kill deer for sport, food, safety and other reasons. The truth is that killing deer is not only inhumane, it is expensive and ineffective at controlling deer populations in the long run. Deer are among the most peaceful wild animals on earth who are sharing the land with humans. Therefore, humans have the duty to share the land and coexist in peace with deer. We must remember that deer were here first.

Humans can easily coexist peacefully with deer. For example, if humans want to protect their gardens, they can do so with fencing, which deer will respect. If humans feel the need to reduce deer populations in urban/suburban areas, they MUST do so through non-lethal means.

The following are a few resources that humans can use to ensure peaceful coexistence with deer and non-lethal deer population control:

* Deer Hunting is NO SOLUTION to deer population control – see article

* Hastings-on-Hudson, New York plans non-lethal birth control to manage their deer population – see article

* TuftsUniversityCenter for Animals and Public Policy (Deer Contraception Program) – link to Tufts

* Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick Zoo Montana Says Deer Contraception Works –

* Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick’s Success of Deer Contraception Youtube video

* Killing Deer is NO SOLUTION to Preventing Lyme Disease – see article

* Hunting has increased deer population, not reduced it in Greenwich, CT – see article

Please share these resources to spread the word that killing deer is not only inhumane, it is not necessary, expensive and ineffective in controlling deer populations in the long run.

Please Note: If you have resources, including success stories, inspirational deer peers, facts, statistics, non-lethal deer control resources or other information about how to coexist peacefully with deer, I would love to share it on this page. Please provide your resource information on the contact form below.


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